Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SEO Duplication Issues! SEO Duplicate URL'S

SEO Duplication! Worse scenario's for SEO's who don't consider Duplication as serious. Many portals and larger companies(url's) suffer from Duplication cases. Work on duplication issues as its the most discussed topic in Google. Already seen many portal links urls have been disappeared from Google SERP'S.

1) Duplication case scenario

Here if there is a folder and .html file then it would be considered duplicate if it has same content. Use either of the two.

2) Duplication via Geo-graphic locations: - commerical all over - only uk - australia

Here this won't be considered duplicate as ur serving for different nations and specifying but this should be used speically when u Brand ur site across the world. Additional and unique contet would be much better if included to get quality traffic which increases brand awareness too.

3) Duplication between urls with different keywords but same content:
This happens many times for ex:

Here the SEO uses 1 keywords 2 times in the url with same content being displayed which itself creates duplication issues. So SEO's avoid such tactics, as last year Google have initiated about Duplication issues which is now showing its effect in SERP, where Google doesn't penalize but there automatic filters would just remove the links that contains duplicate links .

By SEO Pravish

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