Friday, May 1, 2009

SEO SPAM Techniques - Black Hat SEO Techniques

SEO Spam Techniques: Various BLACK Hat SEO Techniques Exposed

SEO Black Hat Techniques that is used to rank top are as under: Avoid these techniques of black hat to get ur site either penalized or removed completely from index.

  • Transparent, hidden, misleading, and inconspicuous link
  • fully transparent image for a link
  • use of hidden links in DIV layers
  • LINK Spam: inconspicuous links like 1x1 pixel graphics or the use of links on punctuation ( real words.) would be "spam"
  • Machine generated pages - with no content and main purpose is to click to another page.
  • Cloaking - content delivered to the visitor different than to the search engine spiders
  • cloaked sites are actually spam sites not all search engines detect them
  • Excessive cross-linking of sites to get links as part of an affiliate program.
  • Hidden Text and Hidden links should be completely avoided
  • Using font color white and making background white deliberately is considered spam, as the text won't be visible to users.
  • Sneaky redirects - Redirecting using 302 is pure black hat mostly use in black hat SEO
  • Redirects : user agent, ip-based, or redirects through javascript, meta refreshes, 302's, or using only frames
  • Excessive and off topic KEYWORDS
  • Duplicated Content: Submitting the same pages from multiple domains or submitting the same content from multiple hosts
  • Pages that is loaded with only LINKS

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