Thursday, January 1, 2009

Latest SEO Link Building Tips Google!

SEO Link Building tips must be applied to get Page Rank + Traffic from Google:

Link building is always considered important to gain traffic and rankings in Google SERP'S. Now how would a new site would like to start with Link building?

# Few important ways to work ahead with Link building:
  • Optimize ur Link building with Relevant Optimized Keywords
  • Optimize Links with Targeted Keywords (Anchor text -quality traffic keys)
  • Optimize internal link structure for possible link juice and traffic to follow to targeted locations.
  • Target ur Link building according to Geographical Locations
  • Link exchange should be done minimal and should be linked with high traffic at first and then go for the PR. Traffic is purely important if u want sales for a long time.
  • Link structure of the site must be based on Optimized keywords which must match ur industry and also the terms u target for that industry ex: Health - Pharma
  • Navigational links must be optimized with Relevant keywords where most of the links get valued.
  • A strong internal link structure with optimized keywords would gain much traffic from relevant sources like : blog, social network, videos, news, marketing sites, local directories, Google local maps, Yahoo! msn local business listings which can build up quality links specially for E-commerce sites.
  • Geting links from 100 sites is worth? Or getting links from 10 sites? If the 10 sites which point to ur website have relevant traffic ( not bulk traffic but quality traffic) then its much worth to go with 10 links.
  • Do Note: In SEO Link building Time Frame is very imporant and only target the area where ur business is located instead of wasting time in paying money to online directories or bulk directories.

Tip - Simple effective Link building would really help to gain traffic + PR in the long run
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