Saturday, August 23, 2008

SEO taken Lightly for many Small business Companies

SEO for Small & Medium Business: Well most along the road of SEO i have seen companies not involving too much to get the credit of SEO. Most of the companies think that its just keyword placement and anchor text etc,,,,,,,,,
Companies needs to stress on these factors where there is a huge competition:
  • 1st impression is the best impression. User that comes to the site will give its impression in 10 seconds by the appearance of the site.
  • Web site design: Color, Text, Font the full design of the website should be appealing to the users of the specific country or location
  • Usability and Accessibility should be kept in mind: Navigational links with Anchor text
  • Also ask yourself why should a User visit ur website? what features are u offering that ur competitor doesn't have? Is there any new that u have with ur site?
  • Site's Internal Link structure and Architecture should be done well to meet the expectations of the users
  • Sites which have too much color and many links around won't work as users would not come for a re-visit which is very important for any website.

So keeping with these basic simple factors one get users attached to ur website by which user's popularity would grow in the long run making it more effective.


By - SEO Pravish

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