Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to optimize a site in a natural way?

Optimize ur site naturally via Natural SEO!

Google has very simple rules which any webmaster can follow and can easily optimize. This is the basic simple natural SEO optimization.

Simple Basic Steps:
  • Make a site user friendly which means u need to research on users extensively.
  • Content : Make it as simple which really provides the relevant data to the particular users
  • Target ur Locations, territory, Language, Categorize ur users accordingly
  • Submit ur site to the directories, articles where ur users are really looking for eg. niche directories
  • Use natural pictures, innovative and creative minds - make people loving ur site and come back for a re-visit or bookmark which naturally increases ur traffic and rank.
  • Optimize ur image naturally keeping in mind what it states for ur particular targeted user.
  • A thorough Behavior research is essential
  • Understanding and communication is essential with users so that more can be worked out.
  • Writing huge content and stuffing with keywords won't work. Instead give only what user needs
  • Take the live example of none another than : GOOGLE - "word of mouth" coz google makes it for the users
  • Users are the business so give them what they need and make proper channels to reach every user.
  • Always ask a question to urself why should Users visit ur site ? What is so special about ur site? or What u gona provide to your users which is different from others?
  • Something new or innovative which is different from others

So these are the simple things all webmasters need to understand, if done in a flow the results would really show up. Reaching, targeting and communicating with users is really important if u are really giving users what u want and if u want the 100% traffic. Hope u guys implement these tips.

- Pravish Thomas


Amichai Inbar said...

Natural SEO meaning there's no practice of black hat or any form of unethical way of SEO that wasn't in the Google guidelines. The process of link building here should be gradual and not a spam way of off-page optimization.

pankh said...

since i am a new blogger so after going through this site, i really came through the original pth
thanks a lot..
this has redirected my approach really.....


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