Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Press Release Linking Campaigns

++Press Release SEO - Media Kit Linking Campaigns++

Search engine optimization requires strategizing as well as optimizingfor SEO firms seeking online visibility for their clients. Last montha client of our firm sought counsel on their web strategy for analready optimized site. We had tightened up their keywords, focusedtheir content and appropriately titled each well-crafted page.
The only thing lacking was a linking campaign and extrakeyword-focused content beyond their product-centered but limitedtext. What more could we do for them?
The single line item NOT accepted from among a list of recommendationsmade was a link campaign, early in the SEO sales process. We haddiscovered later in the beginning phase of optimization that the CEObelieved a linking campaign meant begging industry web sites for alink.He had refused that concept without discussion due to a preconceivednotion of link building as panhandling.

Once discovered, the panhandling concern was easily overcome with asimple request to the CEO: May we have a copy of your press kit?
Press releases very often contain important industry buzzwords, highlyrelevant, keyword-rich text and an ideal word count for optimized webpage content. Press releases are tightly focused on single themes andcan be easily plugged into themed sections -- ideal for SEO.
We had discovered that the client had a media kit that was widelydistributed at trade shows. This kit offered press releases whichtrumpeted a stellar Fortune-500 client list. Curiously, the slicklyprinted, beautiful media kit listed an access URL for apassword-protected area of their web site where members of the presscould download a Word.doc and PDF files of this same press kit.

Essentially our client was hiding this content from the public due toconcerns that the in-house PR staff would be inundated with emails andphone calls from NON-media types and [gasp!] customers abusingpublished contact information from press releases. Maybe, but theywere also hiding valuable content, customer testimonials, and thatstellar client list from everyone but very determined mediaprofessionals willing to request site-access passwords to downloadhidden documents.

That press kit held the complete solution to our link-popularityconundrum. We put it all in publicly accessible pages. By postingthose documents online in HTML format and carefully structuring thepage title and headline of each page, then linking those pressreleases to relevant sections of the company web site, we dramaticallyimproved search engine visibility for this client. The search enginesindexed it all quickly while expanding the content and increasing siterelevance.

Their Fortune-500 clients have now linked to a vendor that they had noreason to link to before because the releases were posted on thoseclient sites with live links back to their site. Links fromwell-respected and visible companies increases PageRank dramatically.

Press releases emphasizing business relationships withproduct-centered events featuring small businesses and largercorporations can focus on news hooks that will attract search enginevisitors. Visitors that would not have otherwise known about thebusiness relationship or products offered may suddenly find themselvescustomers.

Small companies doing business with larger corporations should widelydistribute their press releases announcing marketing partnerships andsales to those companies. The big players will often find ways to makenews with public relations involving smaller partners and willsometimes use those press releases on their own site for publicity.

With innovative PR professionals working in concert with smallbusinesses, they may even get the corporate client to use their muchgreater resources to distribute those press releases through giantcorporate distribution channels (far beyond the miniscule reach ofsmall businesses). This will gain them press coverage and helpestablish their brand while linking them to the image of largercorporate clients in the minds of their customers.

A word to the wise though -- make your press releases professional andconcise with complete contact info and links to relevant data. Includeshort, single-sentence "About Us" company information and don't forgeta URL! That web address included at the foot of all releases is yourkey to link popularity. Link from your release to the corporate clientsite you reference in partnership announcements, and choose headlinesthat contain keywords relevant to your site and your business.

source : highrankings

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