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Avoid Getting Banned :Adsense

Avoid Getting Banned From Google Adsense

Although Google's Adsense program is an excellent way to earn, we need to understand that Google is a company that cannot be messed around with!We should not abuse the system in order to make a quick buck. Many website owners, knowingly or unknowingly, violate Adsense Terms And Conditions and subsequently get banned.If you are really serious about earning from Adsense, make sure you do not do anything that can get yourself banned. I have listed 12 things that you should NEVER even think of doing.

1. Never, I repeat, never click on your own Ads:I think this is one of the biggest reasons why Adsense accounts get disabled. This seems obvious, but it's surprising how many people actually do that intentionally. If you think by clicking on your own ads, you can fool Google, you are highly mistaken. Google has got its own proprietary technology to find out if the publisher has clicked on his own ads. And once they know that, your account is in jeopardy. Google wants to protect the investment of its advertisers, and it will never tolerate any false clicks. So make sure you do not make this foolish mistake.

2. Never, I repeat, never tell others to click on your own AdsI often see click-swapping on Adsense forums. Its kind of you-click-on-my-ad-and-i-will-click-on-yours. Never ever do this. If you want a strong Adsense business, stay away from trouble. Don't ask even your friends, relatives or employees to click on your ads. Do not provide any kind of an incentive to anyone for clicking on your ads.I feel one good way to protect yourself is not to disclose your website's domain to anyone. Keep it to yourself and you are safe!

3. Never, I repeat, never modify Google's AdSense codeThis is against Google's policy. Just use the code as-is. Don't play around with it at all.

4. Never, I repeat, never put pictures next to your Adsense Ads.This is a relatively new policy. When i started with Adsense, this rule did not exist. Moreover, what Google actually wanted with this policy was never very clear. Nor did Google do a good job of clearly defining what is allowed and what is not. Even i had put some pretty images next to my Ads, and achieved excellent CTR. But here is a rule of thumb. If you are in doubt, ALWAYS play safe. When this policy was enforced, i did not waste a moment removing images that were next to my my Ads. After all, I love my Adsense account, too! My suggestion : If you have images next to your adsense ads, remove them immediately!

5. Never, I repeat, never title your Ads the wrong way. You are not allowed to label your Ads with messages like "Click Here", "Related Links" or anything else that misleads people into thinking that it is not an Advertisement. You are however allowed to mention "Advertisements" or "Sponsored Links", because your ads are actually Advertisements. And Google is OK with that. If you want, you may prefer not to put any label at all.

6. Never, I repeat, never put Adsense on pages that do not have enough content.Yeah, this is something that web-masters may not be aware of. But Google allows Adsense only on pages with good content. Therefore it is not advisable to put ads on Thank You pages, subscription pages etc. Make doubly sure that you have Ads only on pages with good content.This also means that you should not put your ads on sites with junk content. Any site that doesn't really add value to the visitor is considered to be a junk site

7. Never, I repeat, never put Adsense on sites that have got prohibitive content. Make sure you do not have Ads on sites that have got anything to do with drugs, pornography, hatred, gambling etc. Again, this is self explanatory, but some people simply don't understand!

8. Never, I repeat, never create multiple Google Adsense Accounts. Google allows you to have only 1 personal account and 1 business account. Google links these two accounts. Never try to fool Google by creating different accounts under different names. As long as you do not get caught, its fine. But if Google traces these accounts as being used by the same person, all your accounts are in danger of being suspended.

9. Never, I repeat, never enlist your site in any kind of auto-surf or traffic exchange programs. Again, this is against Google's TOS. So stay clear of it.

10. Never, I repeat, never exceed the amount of ads you can display on a page.Currently Google only allows 3 Ad blocks, 3 Link units and 2 referral buttons to be put on one page.I personally feel Google has allowed more than what is required. So, i don't know why would you ever want more than this!

11. Never, I repeat, never reveal your Adsense DataGoogle doesn't allow public display of your CTR, Impressions, eCPM etc on forums, eBooks, websites or any other publicly viewable media. But Google doesn't have any objection if you mention how much you earn from Adsense.

12. Never, I repeat, never stay outdated!Google's policies are constantly changing. It will help if you know what changes are taking place in the world of Adsense so that you can update your sites if required.If you get banned by Adsense for whatever reason you cannot give the excuse that you were "not aware" of the policy. This will not be of much help. So know the waters that you tread on!This article, by no means, is a comprehensive list of Adsense Policies. I highly recommend you go through all the policies in details. And never try to cheat the system.

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