Friday, March 14, 2008



Social Media is the latest buzz all around. So let me clarify some imp points between SEO and SMO.

SMO - Social Media Optimization
  • Get Branded via SMO
  • Get Backlinks
  • Get Quick High Quality Traffic
  • No need to wait for 3-6 months
  • Media exposure
  • Corporate Business advantage
  • Mass exposure with videos via SMO
  • Free Instant Traffic
  • Sharing Content - More Traffic incoming
  • Best Fast way to get Traffic
  • Word of Mouth
  • Direct Human approach
  • Contacts made in real time easily gaining multiple traffic- eg: Social Networking
  • Marketing and Advertising done directly

  • Niche Traffic - Categories based
  • Targeted Traffic - GeoTarget
  • Authority
  • ROI benefit
  • Long term benefit
  • Traffic directly from SEARCH ENGINES
  • Save Money
  • Free Traffic
  • Monetization

Conclusion: - SMO is fast and can get instant traffic where u don't need to wait for 3-6 months. Best of it u can go for Branding products etc. Exposure via media (free) getting backlinks instantly. Direct Communication is possible and mass exposure is done via Social Networking. Getting large amt of contacts at the same time and saves ur time as u get all in one place. Both sides get profits.

SEO done for long term would gain benefits and can get free traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN. If done correctly 100% of the traffic from SEARCH via SEO can be utilized. Via SEO we can play with the selected keywords and can get authority status too + rankings in Google which is the #1 in SEARCH. Excellent Conversion can be done through Effective SEO.

If both SMO+ SEO is done at the same time can have great impact which would ultimately gain mass amount of exposure for traffic in the long run. It saves lots of money spend on advertising and marketing. Instead of PPC go for SMO+SEM so why wait for - Go ahead with a Solid SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

Both can be used in business Corporate and small business too.

More to come on Social WORLD - bookmark me :) - by Pravish Thomas

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