Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Best Tips for Design

Top Tips Web Design

The best Web site design for your Web site is the one you like best, but there are some things you will need to remember. Just because your Web site is pretty doesn't mean your readers will read it, or come back another day to read it again. Here are Web site design tips to help you help them to like your Web site.

Title - Make the title dazzling. A Web site title like "John's Web Site" is not very catchy. Without a title for your Web site that catches their eye they won't click on it. If your readers find a link to your Web site on search engines, or other lists, they probably won't click on it. Use a thesaurus to help you find unique, intriguing words to use in your Web site title.

Columns - How many columns you use in your Web pages changes your whole Web site. Usually when someone creates their first Web page their Web site design is something simple and pretty plain. A lot of people like to use two column Web pages for their Web site design so they can have their writing on one side of the Web page and their navigation on the other.

This Web site design looks much better than the plain Web page and it makes your Web site easier to navigate. Then there's the 3 column Web page. This Web site design is not better or worse than the 2 column Web page. It's used if you have a lot of navigation or if you want an extra column for special writings or links on your Web pages.

Colors - Colors are very important in Web site design when it comes to looks and having people read your Web site. If your Web site design colors are boring, people will think your Web site is boring. If you use colors on your Web site that make your Web site's readers feel at home or like they're at their favorite restaurant, you will have readers that feel like they're going to find something they like.

Navigation - An important rule to follow in Web site design is that every Web page on your Web site should link back to your homepage. If you want to keep people on your Web site then you need to provide them with a way back to the beginning so they don't get lost and move on to another Web site. Next you should create an index of some sort. You want people to be able to find what they are looking for easily on your Web site.

Some styles of Web site design put their navigation above the title, others put it at the bottom of the Web page, and many create a column especially for navigation. What will work best for your Web site is up to you, as you make sure people can see it without really having to look for it.
Content - Content is one of the most important thing when it comes to Web site design. If you don't provide good, valuable content on your Web site then no one will have a reason for visiting your Web site, not to mention read it. Your homepage should have information on it telling people about your Web site and why they should read it. Use this Web page to convince them that your Web site is worthwhile.Create a bio page. Tell your readers about you, what you like to do and where you grew up? When someone comes to your Web site they want to know who they are reading about. This way, while they are reading your site they can make appropriate associations and understand you better.

Write! Do something new on a regular basis. People won't come back to a Web site that never changes. They might read through it once but if they don't notice that you update your Web site, they won't come back. The more often you update the better. Once a week is great, once a month should be your minimum. This is also a very important part of Web site design.

source : Linda Roeder

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Thanks for the tips, it's quite helpful!! Well keep it up...


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