Friday, September 28, 2007

What is a Webmaster


"The person who maintains a particular website. ... answering e-mails, making sure domains and web servers are paid for, troubleshooting MINOR problems with the site, and updating content.

I think that a web programmer or a web designer can be a webmaster too, but a webmaster can't nessesarily be a web programmer or web designer." - Daniel M.

"The person who maintains the site." - Robert M.

"Someone who helps in the building/updating of a site, who can also fix most any of the problems they will find within the scripts on the site along with being the person who runs the site." - Cory B

"Someone with at least some knowledge of all aspects of having a working web site." - Rich M.
"The title 'Webmaster' means the person who is responsible for putting data on the website." - Per L.

"Someone who has completed their CIW exams or atleast someone who has put in the time to learn development skills." - Tim A.

"Someone that is responsible for the information and pages on a website" - Seun O.

"The person that runs the site on a daily basis, makes content updates, and bridges the gap between the user the dev team and the company." - Leigh E.

"Running and maintaining a web site, and knowing your stuff." - Dave U.

"A webmaster is someone who takes care of the web servers and the security of the web servers." - Cynthia T.

"Someone who directs the goals of a website" - Robert S.

"someone who knows everything about designing/creating a Web site. Someone that maintains large Web sites, and handles security as well...." - Marilyn D.

"a person that runs and maintains a Web site." - Jim P.
"an expert person in this field!" - Steve E.

"someone who operates a server on which Web sites are stored." - Cynthia B.

"someone who can design and publish a Web site." - Anthony S.

"manages all aspects of a Web site, from designing to maintaing scripts etc." - Derek M.

"someone who has responsibility for the design and content of a Web site." - Lee R.

"A Webmaster has just come to mean someone who monitors and updates a Web site.... I prefer being a Web Programmer, becuase I do more than just markup language... I think just HTML would be a Web designer." - Steven D.

"A Webmaster is a person who has had many years experience of designing Web sites but is now in a management role." - Mark B.

"[Webmaster] refers to someone who is capable of doing both the backend and frontend of Web technologies including designing (graphics, interface), coding (HTML, ASP, JavaScript, XML, DHTML, CSS, etc.), Web server set-up and maintenance, Web site promotion, etc. Truly well-rounded, and all-knowing of everything Web." - Kimberly A.

"A Webmaster is someone who can write HTML and maybe other scripts and can take care of a Web site." - Jon D.

"A Webmaster is someone who maintains Web sites including server adminstration." - Ruth N.

"A person who designs and manages the Web" - Claire R.

"A Web server administrator." Evan T.

"someone who is high up in the ranks of Web designing." - Adam H.

"someone who can master every aspect of the Web sites development and maintanance." - Michael K.

"[someone] who developed Web sites and handle very good Web tech." - Imran A.

"Webmaster means who could master the Web." - Archana D.

"a person who designs and maintains all elements of a Web site or multiple sites." - Barbara G.

"Webmaster is the title given to a person who knows hows to make a good Web site." - Ankur M.

"A Webmaster (or Webmaestro) is in charge of a Web site - either in charge of content and everything on it if it is a private site, or in charge of the technical administration of a commercial site." - Stuart D.

"It means you have a job, which is better then not having a job. Other then that, it's just as useless as any other job title . . ." - Chris G.

"just someone who has a site and can work and manage it with HTML, JavaScripting or GCI scripting." - Chris P.

Source: Jennifer Kyrnin

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