Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Make Money Online! Money from Google!

Making money from paid blogposts

One subject I haven’t touched on often in this blog are the various ways to make money from a blog. The possibilities are numerous, and among others include Google Adsense, link sales, sales of affiliate products, direct advertising and paid blog posts. I’ll try and cover some of these in the weeks to come.The best approach for your blog will depend on the content of your blog and your target audience. The approach discussed below is ‘paid blog posts’. What this means is, someone pays you to write a review of their site, product or service on your blog. They do this for two main reasons:

1) To get traffic and visitors to their own site
2) To get improved search engine ratings - this happens as a consequence of your (and other) blogs linking to theirs.
The main challenge for a blogger has historically been to find people wishing to advertise in this way. For the advertiser the problem has been in finding blogs willing to accept this form of advertising. hence various companies have come into being that attempt to solve this dilemma. Comapnies such as ReviewMe keep a register of bloggers, and advertisers can choose a blog on which they would like to appear.

The trouble is, this is very expensive for the advertiser. Companies such as ReviewMe keep 50% of the cost themselves. Well, nice work if you can get it, but it means that instead of paying, say, $25 for a blog post the advertiser needs to pay $50. This makes the service prohibitively expensive for many advertisers.
Enter stage left…the blogging service from - PPP Direct. This enables bloggers to deal directly with advertisers, while still being assured that they will receive payment for their work. PayPerPost charge only 10% of the total cost for themselves, and half of that is necessary for paying PayPal and associated charges.

As a blogger you simply need to add a small banner to your blog, showing that you are subscribed to this service. An advertiser can simply click on the banner, define their requirements, and the process is underway. You as blogger can of course decline any request - as you will if someone wants to market a site unrelated to your own content.
You can set your own price for a blogposting - this will depend on several things, including the number of visitors that your blog receives, your google pagerank (both on the homepage and on archive and category pages). The style of your writing, and content of your site, will also play a role in setting the price.

I highly recommend you register for this service as a useful way to make money from your blog. I also recommend that you restrict the ratio of paid and sponsored postings to ‘normal’ postings. Your readers will be happy to read the occasional sponsored post, but you need to still keep the blog popular, interesting, and in your own style. This is also necessary, because the more visitors, links and pagerank your own blog attracts, the more you will earn yourself from future blog postings

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