Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Free Niche Directories

Free Niche Directories

As search engines place more and more emphasis on "link popularity,"web site owners find themselves pressured not only to optimize theirsite, but to find other quality web sites in their niche market thatare willing to link to their web site.

Many niche web directories, and are willing to list your website, but at a price. For those web site owners that are working on atight budget, paying for every link is not only expensive, but not intheir budget.But don't despair; there are many quality, free niche directories outthere. The biggest challenge is finding them. Here are three easymethods to find free niche directories:

Method 1:
"Search Engine Search"Go to your favorite search engine (mine is Google), and type ingeneral keyword(s) related to your site. For example, if I have awedding caterer site, I would type in "wedding." Usually, well-rankingniche directories will place in the Top 10 results. In this is ranked #1 and mentions in the descriptionthat the directory offers free links. Click through to the site andlook for an "Add a Link" or "Join Vendor Directory" button or linksomewhere in the navigation.Method

2: "Directory Search"Go to a standard directory, like the Google Directory, and click on"Reference." Click on "Directories" and then select the majorcategory that relates to your web site. For example, if I have a CPAsite, I would click on "Business." At this point, I could choose tosubmit the site to the general directories listed under "Business"like or narrow my search further to "Accounting Firms"like Probably, I'd end up going through both the"Business" and "Accounting Firms" categories and submitting my site toall free directories that were relevant to my niche market.Method

3: "Competition's Links"Go to your favorite search engine and search for the web sites linkingto your competitor by typing inlink: Then click on each link andfind directories that your competitor submitted their site to. Or goto your competitor's site using the Google Toolbar's Page Info Backward Links feature.Here's another tip: Don't be afraid to think outside the box whensearching for a free niche directory.

When looking for a directory,try to think of all markets that relate to your web site. You'd besurprised at what counts as a related directory. For example, I marketa general law practice. I came across a quality, free niche directory,, that specializes in human resource issues. Because thelaw practice does employment and labor law, they were eligible for asubmission to under their "Legal Issues" category.Keep in mind that you might have to go through several directoriesbefore you find some quality, free niche directories that are rightfor you; however, your persistence will pay off. You will find somegreat directories that will boost your link popularity and maybe evenbring in some quality, targeted traffic as well.Good luck and happy hunting.

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